.75in WALL SEG - Wall Mounted Frame Only
.75in WALL SEG - Wall Mounted Frame Only
.75in WALL SEG - Wall Mounted Frame Only
.75in WALL SEG - Wall Mounted Frame Only

.75in WALL SEG - Wall Mounted Frame Only

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Frame Only

Turnaround Time: 2 Business Days

Product Overview
The .75in WALL SEG has a profile width of 19mm. (.75in.). Making this single-sided SED extrusion the thinnest of them all. Less than half the profile width of 1.6in WALL/FLOOR SEG, the outside finish is solid and smooth aluminum. This extrusion is especially lightweight, making it great for wall mounting. When installing the fabric graphic. the silicone beading can fit 12mm. (.47 in)deep and 3 mm. (.15 in.) wide into the trough of the frame. Not compatible with lights (cannot be backlit).

Wall Mount Quick Install and Set Up Overview
Remove extrusion and parts out of your packaging. Layout out your pieces. Find one of your “L” Brackets with screw. Insert one of corner “L” brackets to the end of one of the extrusion stick. Tighten the brackets with the Allen Wrench provided. Then repeat with all the corners.

Next you’ll want to pre-drill in your wall mounts (Provided with Graphic Package options). Start with the wall mounts that will hold the top extrusion. Evenly space them out under the top extrusion frame. Don’t forget to level the wall mounts. Once you have your frame and top wall mounts set. Hang the extrusion on top of the wall mounts. Then drill in the remaining wall mounts inside of the bottom extrusion to set in place your frame. Wall mounts will be hidden once you place your graphic on to the frame.

Then place your SEG (Silicone Edge Graphic) Graphics into the frame grooves, keeping a tight and finished look.

Material: Stretch Fabric
Print Process: Dye Sub Printing
Warranty: One (1) year on graphics

What is SEG (Silicone Edging Graphics)?
SEG is a fabric graphic finished with a thin silicone strip. The silicone strip is sewn directly to the edge of the graphic, and the strip is then inserted into a frame with a recessed groove.

Product Applications:
• Wall Decoration for home & office
• Retail store wall advertising
• Locker rooms
• and Much more

Frame Only Includes:
• Frame w/ L corner Brackets
• Wall Mounts




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